Check up and clean

Check-up and Clean


At Wynyard Dental Cleveland we encourage our patients to maintain six month examinations.

Regular recalls and maintenance allows for the early detection of commonly occurring dental diseases such as caries and gum disease.

Checks up are generally carried out every 6 months. This provides the best chance for early detection of diseases and early intervention. It also allows for the monitoring of oral hygiene and dietary programs as well as the implementation of other preventative programs such as the use of a variety of fluoride rich products.

A regular dental visit also provides the opportunity for you to discuss with the dentist any problems that you may be        experiencing or questions that you may have. We are always devoted to provide any further information that our patients request.

Scale and cleans allow for the removal of hard and soft deposits, also known as plaque and tartar, as well as stains from the surfaces of your teeth. It’s these deposits that if left unattended can develop into gum disease. Our dentists will check the efficiency and accuracy of your daily routine and suggests possible changes or supplementary measures that may be of help to improve or maintain you oral health. They will also be able to carry out a thorough removal of all deposits and stains from your teeth


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