Nervous patients

Dental anxiety

We understand that dental anxiety can affect many people, but we don’t want it to get in the way of your dental health. We have a number of ways we can help you overcome your anxiety, from relaxation techniques to hypnotherapy treatment.


We specialise in dental anxiety management


If you’re especially nervous about visiting the dentist, we have specially-trained dentists at many of our dental centres who are experienced in treating nervous and phobic patients.

To begin with, you may want to book an appointment just to talk about your anxiety. We can then sit with you away from the dental chair to listen to your concerns and discuss various treatment options. We’ll always move at a comfortable pace for you, and never push you further or faster than you want.

You may find treatment easier if you have some form of sedation. Some forms of sedation require someone to accompany you to and from the dental appointment – the full side effects would be discussed before you had any treatment.



We also have a number of other options to give the help you need, including:

  • pain-free injections
  • relaxation techniques
  • sedation medications
  • making sure that teeth are completely free of feeling before starting treatment
  • desensitisation to the noise of the drill (behaviour modification)
  • techniques for distraction eg bringing your own music or e-books
  • strategies to help with the negative conversations you have with yourself that can cause anxiety to worsen
  • specialist referrals can be made for hypnotherapy treatment by a clinical psychologist if indicated, and our specialist oral surgeons can arrange general anaesthesia if necessary for extractions